Plans for ‘Bank of FIFA’ as Infantino seeks to regulate transfer market

17 April 2019

FIFA headquarter
Photo: Getty Images "Today we estimate that more than $400 million are lost annually for these payments," says FIFA’s new director of legal affairs, Emilio García Silvero, refering to transfers between clubs where the educating club don't receive the financial compensation they should.

New director of legal affairs at FIFA suggests a “clearing bank” to bring all commissions under FIFA’s control.

“It is a kind of bank, institution or society that will channel all the money paid to clubs to train players or clubs to pay agents,” he says.

On the table is also a discussion whether algorithms are to decide transfer fees in the future.

James Corbett

FIFA plans to establish its own bank as it seeks to bring regulation to the international transfer market.

The proposal, which is in its early stages, is an attempt to regulate the entire flow of money that moves in a player transfer. There are also efforts in motion to provide a transparent system for deciding on the transfer value of a player, but these appear to be at a more embryonic phase.

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