Financial Forecast AFC Bournemouth: Mounting losses after busy transfer window

5 September 2019

AFC Bournemouth Jeff Mostyn
Photo: Getty Images Following a 16th place finish in the Premier League and a busy transfer window coming into 2018/19, AFC Bournemouth chairman Jeff Mostyn is set to publish a bigger loss for the clubs 2018/19 annual acccounts.

As part of our business analysis initiatives at Off The Pitch, we have analysed the major happenings in the recently closed 2018/19 financial year for all Premier League clubs.

Here are AFC Bournemouth's 2018/19 finances predicted.

Magnus Albertsen, analyst

Following AFC Bournemouth’s promotion to the Premier League in 2015, their total revenue has been increasing as a result of Premier League broadcasting payments. It peaked following the club’s highest-ever league finish: ninth place in the season ending in 2017 (£136.5 million). Bournemouth’s total revenue then took a minor dip in 2017/18 as a result of a 12th place finish (£134.9 million)

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