Morris ready to step aside for a new owner

23 July 2019

Mel Morris
Photo: Getty Images "We've never been aggressive in trying to find investment. We've said to people that we're open to offers to come in and invest," said Mel Morris according to Derby Telegraph.

Mel Morris has been looking for further investment for Derby County for the past year.

Morris admits he would be reluctant but willing to stand aside for a new owner, if in the club’s best interest. 

Christian Fomsgaard Jensen

Derby County’s owner, Mel Morris, has been exploring further investment options for the club for the past year and interested parties have come from far and wide, including Europe, the US, Canada and the Far East, according to the Derby Telegraph. 

Three parties are reportedly interested in providing either part or full investment for the club. However, Morris admits he would be hesitant to step entirely aside from his hometown team.

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