Manchester United tackles lack of atmosphere at Old Trafford

6 March 2019

Manchester United fans atmosphere season tickets prices
Photo: Getty Images Manchester United are taking a new initiative in order to create a better atmosphere at Old Trafford.

United to convert around 1,200 seats to dedicated atmosphere section.

Pricing concessions continue including 25 per cent discount for 18-20 year-olds. Club freezes season ticket prices for eighth consecutive season.

Manchester United are pushing ahead with plans to introduce a new dedicated ‘atmosphere section’ at Old Trafford next season.

Announcing on Tuesday that they were freezing season ticket prices for the eighth consecutive season – excluding concessions, the cheapest is £532 and most expensive £950 – the club said they were creating the new section in the Stretford End first tier “to help keep the atmosphere at Old Trafford consistently high”.

It follows successful fan-led pilots over the past two seasons.

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