Lille owner on decision to curtail season: "It almost makes us look like pariahs"

2 June 2020

Photo: PA Images "It almost makes us look like pariahs, that there is something wrong in France with our football because everyone else is rejoicing and celebrating, to a large extent, that they are finally going to be seeing their teams again. We are like, 'we're not worth it' and that is what hurts me," said Lille owner Gerard Lopez.

Gerard Lopez believes France was too quick to cancel the season.

He says the decision makes it seem like football is not important.

Emil Gjerding Nielson

Lille owner Gerard Lopez has become the latest to voice his discontent with the decision to curtail the French football season. 

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Lopez said he was saddened by the image it has given the country's football.

"Almost like football is not important. I hear politicians in other countries stating that football is very important and is a way for people to rejoice again, that it's a way to get people to watch something that is live," he said.

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