Juventus' share soars on Champions League advancement

13 March 2019

Photo: Getty Images

Juventus’ share price rose 17 percent to €1,436 on Wednesday following the Italian club securing advancement to the Champions League quarter-finals the day before.

It’s share price is up 23 percent this year, and the price has more than doubled year on year after a sustained spell of economic growth.

Emil Gjerding Nielson nielson@offthepitch.com

The share price of Juventus FC rose 17 percent on Wednesday after the club beat Spanish side Atletico Madrid and secured advancement to the Champions League quarter-finals. 

After opening at €1.5 and having trading temporarily suspended, according to Italian newspaper La Gazetta dello Sport due to excessive growth, the share price closed at €1,436, meaning the club’s value is up 23 percent in total this year.

Juventus’ share price had closed at €1.22 the day before.

The club, traded on the Milan Stock Exchange, thanks to summer signing Cristiano Ronaldo’s hattrick turned a 2-0 defeat in the first leg into a cumulative 3-2 win.

Recent economic growth

Juventus has enjoyed a spell of economic growth in recent years as it tries to compete with the financial powerhouses of the English Premier League. 

Though it recently presented a first half year report showing a decrease in operating profit by 75 percent to €11.8 million, the club’s revenue is up 13 percent from last year.

The decrease in profit was mainly due to an increase in staff and player costs and higher player amortisation, after purchasing Ronaldo for €100 million the summer of 2018.

A major financial achievement by the club, however, was the increase in commercial revenue, which rose by 45 percent to €108 million compared to last year, putting the club in line with the Premier League's Big Six.

Further gains

A place in the quarter finals also means an extra €16 million in tournament income, which brings the club’s total earnings in this year’s competition to €93 million, according to La Gazetta dello Sport.

If the Italian club were to win the competition, the total earnings could reach €130 million, according to the newspaper.
Last year, the competition brought in €80 million for Juventus.