Financial Forecast: Juventus set to report record financial loss in 2020/21

30 June 2021

Photo: Alamy Juventus president Andrea Agnelli recently defended the European Super League project and labelled it a "cry for help”. Reading the financial results for the 2020/21 fiscal year (and pulling together 2019/20 too), his comment could not have been more significant.

Juventus have faced a tough season both on and off the pitch. We have analysed their finances and made a forecast for the Italian giant’s 2020/21 profit and loss statement. 

Sporting performance offered the club no helping hand in balancing the massive negative effect of Covid-19 - which obviously hit matchday income, but more importantly also trashed the transfer market on which Juventus' finances are heavily dependent.

A simulation of the financial year without Covid-19 impact reveals that Juventus would have made a massive loss anyway.

President Andrea Agnelli said the European Super League was a desperate cry for help in a system which led the industry into insolvency. Without the Super League, it looks as if the club need to rethink their business model.

The appointment of Massimiliano Allegri as well as the revision of the organisational model and senior management could be seen as the club aiming for a more financial sustainable future.

Alberto Medici, analyst

Juventus are facing a whopping €185 million loss in 2020/21 as the pandemic has thrashed the Italian giant’s finances.  That is a record financial loss in the club's history as the worst result so far was €95 million in 2010/11.

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