Interview: Football clubs look outside of sports for senior management talent

12 February 2020

Peter Moore
Photo: Getty Images CEO of Liverpool FC, Peter Moore, is one of those top guys in the Premier League being headhunted from outside the football industry. He left a role as CCO at Electronic Arts, EA, in 2017 to join Liverpool.

The biggest football clubs have reached a size and scale that, when it comes to hiring senior management, the rest of the football industry is less relevant than it once was.

Instead, the clubs have started to look outside, not just of football, but sports in general, for new executive talents.

These people bring in essential skill sets not usually found in football, with Manchester United, Juventus, Liverpool, Real Madrid and Chelsea all among those who have already made outside hires.

Jesper Elkjær Jensen

New people are starting to inhabit the executive offices at some of the world's biggest football clubs.

Top jobs are no longer reserved for people with a history in the sport. Instead, clubs are looking for people with specific skill sets - skill sets which traditionally have not been sought by the clubs, tells Chad Biagini, president of Nolan Partners, a firm which specialises in retained executive search within sports, media and entertainment.

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