Interview with Dan Jones from Deloitte: “I worry about a move to fix what isn’t broken in European football”

23 August 2019

dan jones
Photo: Getty Images Dan Jones, partner at the Sports Business Group at Deloitte, does not like the idea of what he calls “a fixed pot” of teams automatically being qualified to the Champions League.

Both football and business will suffer if the supposedly big structural changes in the Champions League are carried out as rumoured in the media.

Dan Jones doesn’t believe the giants in European football will be successful if they create their own super league. He thinks the voices in favour are missing one crucial factor in the whole DNA of these successful clubs.

Also, one of the true value drivers behind the big broadcasting deals is at risk if the super-rich clubs decide to break out of the national leagues.

Kasper Kronenberg

Few people in European football have been involved in as many big deals and major decisions as Dan Jones, the global lead partner in the Sports Business Group at Deloitte.

More than twenty years ago, he decided that a career as a generalist doing M&A deals was not for him, because he really liked having a deep understanding of one single industry. Being an M&A adviser requires you to step into deals involving companies from all sorts of sectors, so he decided to focus.

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