Attitude recruitment: Hughes loads Howe’s gun with “as many good bullets as possible” 

30 May 2019

Richard Hughes
Photo: Bournemouth AFC “I didn’t necessarily have ambitions to work in the recruitment side of things when I was a player,” Richard Hughes said to Bournemouth AFC's website. “I was a student of the game, loved analysing the game and loved having an opinion and sharing it with people – and I’ve found myself doing all that in recruitment.”

To give Eddie Howe the best possible conditions, former Cherries midfielder Richard Hughes is at the forefront of recruitment at Bournemouth. 

Since Hughes joined the recruitment department five years ago, they’ve almost trebled in numbers. 

When scouting a new player, their attitude and character is more important than what you can see in the 90 minutes, says Hughes.

Christian Fomsgaard Jensen

He is nowhere to be seen on a match day, but the former Bournemouth-midfielder Richard Hughes has a great impact on which players are on the Cherries’ team. Since his playing days ended, Hughes has made a career in recruitment and is at the forefront of recruiting potential players at Bournemouth. 

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