Derby owner criticises the "waterfall of funds" following Bury's expulsion: "How long can that go on?" 

29 August 2019

Mel Morris Derby County
Photo: Getty Images

Mel Morris says the problems at Bury and Bolton aren't limited to "bad" owners.

Morris believes the distribution of funds in English football is skewed in favour of the Premier League.

Several clubs have failed to pay wages on time at some point in the last few years.

Christian Fomsgaard Jensen

With Bury getting kicked out of the EFL and Bolton's near-death experience, Derby County's owner, Mel Morris, has taken the time to address the financial problems faced by a number of EFL clubs. 

While many have criticised the former Bury owner, Steve Dale, as well as Bolton's former owner, Ken Anderson, for ruining the clubs, Morris believes the root of the problem is to be found elsewhere. 

"The issues are far deeper than just finding owners, this goes right the way through to the waterfall of funds from the Premier League down," Morris told talkSPORT.

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