Stadium of the Week: Head-to-head Tottenham Hotspur Stadium v Old Trafford

18 June 2020

Tottenham Hotspur
Photo: PA Images

Stadium of the Week is a new weekly feature to compare the stadiums of two clubs in an upcoming fixture. It is a collaboration between Off The Pitch and international engineering consultancy Buro Happold.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium excels in Experience and Revenue. This is partly due to its view characteristics and partly due to its state of the art features; such as the sliding pitch, safe standing capability, 360 degree concourses, amongst many others.

A lack of these is one of the reasons why Old Trafford performs poorly in these categories, alongside other factors such as not having hosted a major final in ten years.

Although Old Trafford has approximately 14,000 more seats than Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the shape of the bowl is not as conducive to generating sound on the pitch.

In addition, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium’s impressive south stand further helps the fans to have a greater impact on the result of the game. This is reflected in both the Impact and Experience scores.

Andy Pottinger, Venue Design Director, Buro Happold