Stadium of the Week: Head-to-head Etihad vs Anfield Road

1 July 2020

Photo: PA Images

With the 3rd Stadium of the Week, a new weekly collaboration between Off the Pitch and Buro Happold, we look at the stadiums of the two top performing teams in the Premier League.

And this season, Liverpool has beaten Man City not only in the Premier league but also in the 2020 VPR, ranking 16th and 23rd respectively.

Both stadiums perform very similarly in almost every respect.  The Etihad slightly outperforms Anfield in Capacity, Revenue generating potential and Spectator density.

However, Anfield takes the lead in Experience for several reasons. These include its history, asymmetry (individuality) and status as a destination stadium.

The stadia bowl analysis also showed that Anfield has a slightly higher average view height which helps the spectators have a better view of the pitch.

The sound analysis also indicates that, despite the smaller capacity and density, the form of Anfield can facilitate a higher volume of sound around the pitch  (for a standardised sound output). 

Andy Pottinger, Venue Design Director, Buro Happold