Stadium of the Week: Head-to-head Bernabeu vs Estadio de la Ceramica

15 July 2020

Photo: PA Images The remodeling works of the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid was resumed in April.

The 5th Stadium of the Week, a weekly collaboration between Off The Pitch and Buro Happold, follows on from last weeks with two more Spanish teams Villarreal and Real Madrid coming in at 61st and 5th in the Overall VPR ranking.

The Bernabeu dwarfs Estadio de la Ceramica with over three times the capacity. Therefore, it inevitably outperforms it in the overall Impact and Experience scores.

However, despite its small size, Estadio de la Ceramica beats the Bernabeu in technology, innovation and individuality, as well as having better views.

The Bernabeu performs worst in Revenue out of the illustrated categories. This is in part due to the lack of technological advancements and features which help to generate revenue.

This may be a reason why technology seems to be a big part of their new redevelopment plans.

Given Villarreals high position in La Liga, the low scores of Estadio de la Ceramica possibly indicate that the stadium is underperforming for the team.

Perhaps through further redevelopment or expansion, the stadium could help the team climb even further up the table.

Andy Pottinger, Venue Design Director, Buro Happold