Expert: ‘Good-faith deposit’ a way to prevent a repeat of Bolton mess

7 May 2019

Photo: Getty Images Football finance expert Kieran Maguire from the University of Liverpool thinks EFL need to act differently in the future when ownership is changing at clubs. He wants to avoid more chaos like the situation at Bolton Wanderers in the future. Pictures is Angelo Ogbonna of West Ham United scoring his sides first goal during the Carabao Cup Third Round match between West Ham United and Bolton Wanderers.

EFL told to get an insurance policy against bad owners.

Football finance expert Maguire says governing body must do more. “I think the EFL should have gone in far earlier to determine the extent of Mr Bassini’s finances. It is not the most difficult thing to do."

Richard Jolly

The EFL have been urged to introduce a law requiring owners with a chequered past to place a “good-faith deposit” with them to prevent a repeat of the fiasco at Bolton.

The football finance expert Kieran Maguire, from the University of Liverpool, has told the Football League they need to do more to protect players and other clubs from owners such as Ken Anderson and Laurence Bassini.

He suggested that they have to lodge money with the governing body which can be used to reimburse players or other clubs if they default on payments.

Rogue chairman

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