Fulham thwarts planned protests over ticket prices and bans non-supportive banners 

29 March 2019

Fulham fans
Photo: Getty Images Fulham-fans await the players arrival before the Premier League match between Fulham and Chelsea FC at Craven Cottage on March 3.

“Stop the Greed” campaigners have been told they can’t bring banners for this weekend’s game as the banners are “not supportive” .

75 per cent of Fulham Supporters are dissatisfied with match-day ticket prices for top category games.

Fulham’s match-day tickets for a behind-the-goal seat are the third most expensive in the Premier League.

Christian Fomsgaard Jensen cfj@offthepitch.com

It has been a tough year to be a Fulham supporter. The club are almost certain to get relegated from the Premier League and they have the worst defence across Europe’s top five leagues having conceded 70 goals in 31 games. 

And just to top that off, match-day tickets for the home end at Craven Cottage are amongst the most expensive in the Premier League, surpassed only by Chelsea and Manchester City. 

The cheapest behind-the-goal match-day ticket at Craven Cottage costs £45 and the most expensive £60. 

Fulham Supporters are therefore planning to make their voices heard through a “Stop the Greed” campaign during Saturday’s clash with Manchester City, but the club have tried to thwart their plans. 

Fulham bans banners

The “Stop the Greed” campaign hoped to reveal banners at the 55th minute to make their feelings known, but the group has been told banners will not be welcome inside the ground, according to news site football.london. 

"The club told me personally that one of the main reasons behind the decision is because the banners are not supportive of the team,” founder of “Fulhamish” Sammy James told football.london. 

Despite the setback, the group still hope to draw attention to their cause before and after the game around Craven Cottage to ensure the club hears the message, but they are disappointed the club decided to ban banners. 

"The banners are not offensive, have valid safety certificates and are clearly representative of the feelings shared by a large proportion of the fanbase,” James told football.london. 

Fulham has refused to comment on the planned protest.

Survey shows clear fan discontent 

Fulham Supporters Trust has released its key findings from a fan survey focusing on ticket prices and the numbers fully support James’ statements. 

Seventy-five per cent of the 2,300 respondents were dissatisfied with match-day ticket prices for top category games and 64 per cent are going to fewer home games because of ticket prices. 

On a positive note for Fulham FC, 58 per cent were satisfied with the season ticket prices for the 2018/2019 season

Due to the £30 price cap on away fans, 58 per cent of the respondents go to more away games. 

“We believe the club have got match-day tickets wrong this season, with a consequence of potentially pricing out and putting off many long-standing loyal fans,” said Tom Greatrex, chairman at Fulham Supporters’ Trust, commenting on its survey. 

Craven Cottage has a capacity of 25,700 people with an average attendance of 24,285 this season, but James fears the club will lose young fans and that the ticket prices will only attract tourists who dream of watching a Premier-League match. 

"They're looking for a but of Saturday entertainment"

"What upsets me most about our ticket policy – we are not thinking long-term. Our support base may be larger than it was, but it’s far from saturated,” James said to football.london. 

"Why would any prospective untapped fan come to watch Fulham when they can see Spurs at Wembley this season for £30? I can’t imagine there are many families willing to part with hundreds of pounds just because they’re looking for a bit of Saturday entertainment.” 

On a positive note for Fulham FC, 58 per cent were satisfied with the season ticket prices for the 2018/2019 season – most of which were sold before the Fulham’s promotion through play offs last May - but 28 per cent will not renew if prices jump.