Interview: Football fans looking for simplicity – but despite major potential, no one has yet taken a serious step to being the global football aggregator

28 December 2020

Photo: PA Images Former Bayern Munich Head Coach Niko Kovac poses after the award ceremony with the trophy when the club won against RB Leipzig in May 2019.

The role of football aggregator in the TV market would probably start out on a regional basis, says Spencer Nolan, Global Head of Media at Nielsen Sports.

There could be companies out there waiting to take the aggregator role, but there is still a battle to win against the OTT players and pay TV suppliers who remain in the front seat.

Nolan sees Dazn as a player that could be driving the aggregator model. But it would take a lot of money and patience.

The new generation of football fans tends to watch shorter clips and not always full matches. That development is putting pressure on the rights holders, but so far no one has found the model to commercialise highlights from matches.

Football is in a good position compared to many other smaller sports, which would suffer from the young generation’s new media habits.

Kasper Kronenberg

“It's hard enough to be the home of movies.”

Spencer Nolan, Global Head of Media at Nielsen Sports, is well aware that football fans all over the world - or you could probably say consumers all over the world - are looking for simplicity when buying content. Whether it’s movies, series, documentaries, sports or children’s entertainment, they are looking for a solution where they can manage everything they watch within just one or very few subscriptions.

And they would love having to sign in in only one place, no matter what content they wanted to watch.

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