Match of the Week Europa League Final: Financial head-to-head Villarreal v Manchester United

25 May 2021

Villarreal v Man Utd
Photo: Alamy Villarreal and Manchester United have played each other four times in respectively 2005 and 2008. All matches ended 0-0.

Going into this year's final it's clear Manchester United have the financial advantage, but Europa League specialist Unai Emery, who has won the competition three times with Sevilla, knows what it takes for Villarreal to cause an upset.

While the Spanish club spent just €82.8 million on wages last season, Manchester United spent almost four times that, €323.8 million

Meanwhile, the Premier League club recorded an EBITDA of €150.6 million while Villarreal presented a deficit of €8.5 million.

Emil Gjerding Nielson and Mads Meisner