Match of the Week Champions League: Financial head-to-head Paris Saint-Germain v Manchester United

19 October 2020

Photo: PA Images In 2019 PSG lost to Man Utd on aggregate goals in the Champions League Round of 16.

Last season's Parisian Champions League finalists will be hoping they can get the better off Manchester United who oversaw PSG's premature departure from the competition in 2019 when they advanced on away-goals through a 3-3 aggregate.

Following a decade of growth, PSG have almost closed the gap with one of football's supreme financial powerhouses, but with a turnover of €711.4 million Man Utd remain slightly ahead of their French counterparts whose turnover stands at €658.7 million.

Man Utd are due to reveal their annual results on Wednesday and attention is likely to be paid to their commercial income which in 2018/19 stood at €312.1 million, a figure that has been surpassed by PSG who at the same time had income of €451.6 million.