Match of the Week Europa League: Financial head-to-head Manchester United v AC Milan

10 March 2021

Wayne Rooney
Photo: Alamy Latest UEFA match between Manchester United and AC Milan was in 2010 playing each other in the Champions League round of 16. United won 7-2 over the two matches with Wayne Rooney scoring four goals.

Having been the primary challengers for the Champions League title in the late noughties Manchester United and AC Milan now face each other in Europe's second tier club tournament.

While Manchester United since then have sustained a growth in turnover to one of club football's biggest, at €580.3 million last season, AC Milan's stood at just €164.2 million.

Last season was the first in five where Manchester United recorded a pre-tax loss, of €23.7 million, while Milan's deficit stood at a whopping €192.4 million.

Emil Gjerding Nielson and Mads Meisner