Premier League Match Of The Week: Financial head-to-head Man Utd v Man City

4 March 2020

Man Utd v Man City
Photo: PA Images While the two Manchester clubs are similar in a number of key figures, City still have the upper hand on the pitch though United won latest Premier League encounter 2-1 at Etihad.

Manchester City are set to close in on Manchester United's financial supremacy this season due to the lack of Champions League prize money for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's men.

The two Manchester clubs earned approximately the same amount from participation in Europe's most prestigious club tournament last year, though a two-year ban will see City losing out on almost a fifth of their total turnover.

While the clubs are similar in a number of key figures, United have more than twice the debt of their city rivals at £1.08 billion to £425.5 million.