Match of the Week Europa League: Financial head-to-head Lille v AC Milan

25 November 2020

Photo: PA Images Three weeks ago Lille thrashed AC Milan 3-0 at San Siro. Turkish player Yusuf Yazici scored a hattrick

Group leaders Lille welcome AC Milan who – despite their years of financial turmoil, last year recorded a turnover of €160.9 million, more than twice that of the French club's €72 million in 2018/19.

In terms of EBITDA, however, the clubs are more similar – though not entirely in a positive way. Lille's EBITDA of negative €74 million in 2018/19 was only slightly higher than AC Milan's €60.3 million last season.

AC Milan's owner, Elliott Management, in 2018 provided Lille with a loan of around €130 million with an interest rate in the "low double digits" due to be repaid by August 2021.

Emil Gjerding Nielson and Mads Meisner