Match of the Week Serie A: Financial head-to-head Juventus v AC Milan

16 September 2021

Photo: Alamy

The €243 million gap in income between Juventus and AC Milan reflects the Milanese giants fall from grace: without a major honour in a decade, AC Milan are back in the Champions league this season after a gap of seven years.

Despite falling out of the Deloitte Top 20 of football’s richest clubs, Milan nevertheless signed up for the European Super League – an ill-fated spell of around 72 hours. Juventus remain nominally “in” the competition, with Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The vast gap in matchday revenue – Juventus earn 130 per cent of Milan’s per customer income of €31 – is partly reflected in the ownership structure of the stadium.

Juventus are one of just one of a handful of Italian clubs that own their own stadium and can thus retain more income.

James Corbett and Mads Meisner