Match of the Week Premier League: Financial head-to-head Chelsea v Burnley

28 January 2021

Chelsea v Burnley
Photo: PA Images In the opposite fixture at Turf Moor Chelsea won 3-0.

Burnley are flying high with their new owners from ALK Capital, having secured a win at Anfield last week, while Chelsea will be looking for a restart to their season following the appointment of Thomas Tuchel as head coach.

Chelsea's EBITDA stood at €49.9 million in the 2018/19 season, just slightly more than Burnley's at €42.4 million.

In terms of wages, however, the two clubs are worlds apart with Chelsea's wage bill of €323.9 million being more than three times that of Burnley's at €98.3 million.

Emil Gjerding Nielson and Mads Meisner