Match of the Week Bundesliga: Financial head-to-head Bayern Munich v Schalke 04

17 September 2020

Bayern Munich
Photo: PA Images Although Bayern are likely to have around 15,000 spectators in the stadium according to the current 20 percent rule, the opening game of the new season of all places threatens to be empty. The reason: To many corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants in Munich. The final call will be made at very short notice. According to dpa information, Bayern are preparing for a game with fans.

Last season's strugglers from Schalke 04 face a monumental task when they open the Bundesliga against the league's reigning champions who also last month secured their first Champions League victory in seven years.

Schalke have secured just one point in the past nine corresponding fixtures - from a 1-1 draw back in 2017.

The Western club can be happy they last season recorded an EBITDA of €52.6 million, just €3.2 million lower than Bayern Munich's.