Champions League: Roma's absence leads to €86 million loss for the first half of the season

2 March 2020

Photo: PA Images In the first half of the year, Roma's debt increased by €43.7 million to €264.4 million.

Roma turned a €7 million profit into a massive loss, the club's just-released financial report for the first half of the season shows.

However, the club managed to decrease their operating costs slightly to offset the drop in income.

Emil Gjerding Nielson

Non-participation in the Champions League saw AS Roma record a pre-tax loss of €86.4 million in the first half of the season, the club's just-released financial statements reveal.

The club's revenue fell by €40.2 million to €94.6 million as they instead competed in the Europa League.

By reducing their wages to €83.7 million (from €95.9 million), operating costs fell by €12.2 million (to €123.9 million), which offset the lower income slightly, but the loss remains massive compared to the same period the year before - when the club recorded a €6.9 million pre-tax profit.

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