Blackburn manager meets Indian owners after scouting mission

23 April 2019

Blackburn manager meets Indian owners after scouting mission
Photo: Getty Images Blackburn manager Tony Mowbray will spend two days on a scouting mission in Europe

Tony Mowbray, the manager of Blackburn Rovers, is spending two days in Europe to find new talents.

The manager will meet the club’s owners in India by the end of the season to discuss his budget for transfers.

Peter Høyer

Blackburn Rovers are on the offensive in terms of signing new talented players for the club. The club manager has spoken on a two-day scouting mission to Europe where he is hoping to find “multi-million-pound signings”.

“All the staff have been away in Europe on scouting missions and I am off to Europe myself where I’ll spend the next two days with my eye out for some talent,” said Mowbray.

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