Bitter Championship battle over clubs breaking FFP goes on

25 April 2019

Aston Villa
Photo: Getty Images Aston Villa players celebrate a goal playing away against Sheffield Wednesday. Some Championship clubs think clubs like Aston Villa are continuing to break the financial fair play rules to get promoted.

Off The Pitch discovers that a renewed attempt by clubs angry at those potentially guilty of financial rule avoidance is taking place.

No resolution despite claims to the contrary after six hour meeting between EFL clubs at the City Ground on Wednesday.

The battle for more financial transparency amongst Championship clubs is still raging despite an EFL meeting at the City Ground yesterday.

It had been thought that moves led by Middlesbrough, with the backing of a significant number of clubs, had been overthrown after six hours of talks at the home of Nottingham Forest.

However Off The Pitch has learned that there was no meaningful vote and that those clubs fighting for a more open approach to finances and a tightening of the rules imposed by profitability and sustainability still believe they will be successful.

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