New Bristol City chairman on following his father: “That baton slowly passes”

25 June 2019

Bristol City Lansdown
Photo: Getty Images Steve Lansdown (left) and Jon Lansdown (right) in 2015 when Bristol City won the League One trophy.

Club chairman Jon Lansdown -- son of Bristol City’s owner Steve Lansdown -- has spoken of how involved his father will be in the club in future.

Lansdown junior has worked at the club since 2009 and has recently replaced long-term board member Keith Dawe as chairman.

Peter Høyer

The Robins’ new chairman Jon Lansdown, in an interview with BBC Radio Bristol, broadcast on Friday evening, has reflected on how the club will look to progress after he replaced long-term board member Keith Dawe as chairman at the end of last season.

Obviously, he still follows home and away and is still very passionately involved, but he's not here on a day-to-day basis

Lansdown junior, who first became involved in Bristol City in 2009, explained that his dad still has a role to play in running the club, if not on a day-to-day basis.

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