22 November 2022 - 11:28 AM



It’s not all about the big five: An analysis of transfer trends across leagues of World Cup nations

  • Top teams from the big-five leagues are usually the main actors on the transfer market.
  • This analysis of 28,595 player sales across 29 leagues shows national leagues from other World Cup nations outshining the major leagues on three different metrics.
  • Why it matters: An overall transfer analysis goes beyond looking at individual examples of big player sales and accentuates which leagues may be considered successful exporters of talent more generally.
  • The perspective: The upcoming World Cup is followed by a winter transfer window in which new star players can be expected to be sold. But which leagues will these sales come from?

Although the World Cup is being held in winter this year, the tournament will still be followed by a transfer window where the tournament’s breakout stars will be coveted. 

The national leagues of the countries participating in the 2022 World Cup cover the biggest markets in world football (minus the Italian Serie A). The focus is typically on the big five as they are the main actors in terms of absolute spending and income on the transfer market.

However, are other l

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