Column: Despite rumours of its demise, Financial Fair Play is working

27 November 2019

Photo: Getty Images Despite the ongoing case with Manchester City, where some media write that there will be no punishment for Manchester City for breaching FFP-rules, Richard Whittall belivee that FFP-rules have had quite a positive impact on European football. Pictured is Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak from Manchester City (L).

Amid a high profile case involving Man City allegedly violating the rules and possibly getting away with it, the evidence shows FFP is serving its intended purpose.

So why isn’t UEFA more vocal about it?

Some media report that “FFP is dead” – that statement is wrong for a number of reasons.

Richard Whittall

While most of us plebs get the gist of UEFA’s infamous Financial Fair Play rules—preventing clubs from spending more than they earn—if you ask your average football fan about the actual purpose of FFP, you’ll get several answers. These might range from “leveling the financial playing field” to “preventing clubs from debt spending” to “protecting the old guard from usurpers who want to buy their way to the top of European football pyramid.”

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