Bury's owner received £115,000 in payments from the club this year

3 September 2019

Photo: Getty Images Banners and messages left outside Gigg Lane Stadium, the home of Bury FC, following their EFL expulsion.

Through several payments made this year, the club's owner, Steve Dale, has received £115,000 from Bury FC.

According to Dale, he received the money to pay third parties.

Jesper Elkjær Jensen jej@offthepitch.com

Since the start of the year, Bury FC's owner, Steve Dale, has received payments from the club of more than £115,000, The Times reports.

The newspaper has seen documents which show Dale receiving some 23 payments from the club and for most of the time covered "the players at Bury were reportedly not being paid, nor apparently were pension contributions for club employees."

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