Bury MPs attempt to readmit the club into League Two for upcoming season

3 September 2019

Photo: Getty Images Banners and messages of support left outside Bury FC's stadium following their expulsion from the English Football League on August 28, 2019.

Bury FC's expulsion from League Two is unduly harsh, say local MPs.

Joined by the mayor of Greater Manchester and the Bury supporters' society, they will work to have the club readmitted for the start of next season.

Bury's owner, Steve Dale, has agreed to let the group identify a suitable new owner.

Jesper Elkjær Jensen jej@offthepitch.com

Last week's expulsion of Bury FC from League Two has been met by great local resistance.

The latest to speak up are MPs James Frith (Bury North) and Ivan Lewis (Bury South).

They accept that the EFL had to take action "given the mismanagement that has brought Bury FC to this position," according to a statement.

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