Other News: Getafe CF dismisses CEO; FC Porto sign new betting partner; LaLiga enter new partnership with Burger King; Everton's tokens sold out in four minutes

15 September 2021


Most Important Stories: Influential voting bloc favours World Cup biennial; Former Bayern President calls on governing bodies to rein in transfer system; Laporta reopens war of words with Tebas; South Africa in talks for World Club Cup

13 September 2021


Most Important Stories: Covid and lack of Champions League football lead to €34 million loss for Benfica; Barcelona face battle to keep Rakuten as shirt sponsor; CVC to exit from LaLiga deal within ten years; LaLiga first of the big football leagues to sign NTF deal

9 September 2021


ECA chairman eases rebels back into the fold and denies body is “a global cabal of clubs”

7 September 2021


Most Important Stories: Ceferin calls for new approach to cost controls across European football; American investment firm’s acquisition of Genoa set to be finalised in October; ECA chairman outlines new plans to accelerate clubs’ recovery from financial impact of Covid-19

6 September 2021

Jill Ellis

Other News: FIFA names Jill Ellis to lead a Technical Advisory Group; Tottenham sign first-ever training wear partner; Watford extend partnership with Sports Interactive; Brentford announce real estate partner

3 September 2021


Most Important Stories: Net spending drops 40 per cent since last non-covid impacted summer transfer window in 2019; Roma receives capital injection of €60 million; Arsenal chief executive sends message of unity to club’s staff

1 September 2021