21st Club

Column: "A rational owner would be encouraged to leave their Champions League fate to the gods, and focus on securing domestic dominance"

22 October 2020


Buying a professional football team? Ten lessons learned: #7 - Sponsors and fans could feel that the club's identity, is in the hands of a stranger; that is an enormous responsibility

19 August 2020

cash flow

Column: Buying a Professional Football Team? 10 Lessons Learned: #5 – cash is king. And it takes a skillfull CFO to make sure you always have cash

1 August 2020


Column: Buying a professional football team? Ten lessons learned: #1 - Don't underestimate the due diligence process

1 July 2020

Mads Davidsen

Column: Don't waste the crisis - is your strategy ready for a thorough review?

3 April 2020


Column: The ownership and leadership story behind Inter Milan once again challenging for the Serie A title

26 August 2019

Profit premier League

Column: Which is the most profitable Premier League team? Ask an accountant and he’ll start sweating

22 May 2019