Europe Ranking: Which clubs were best at filling their stadiums pre Covid-19?

2 October 2020

FC Bayern
Photo: PA Images FC Bayern Munich have a 100 per cent utilisation rate and are also number one in Europe on that metric.

Last week UEFA led 15,500 fans into the Puskas Arena in Budapest for the Super Cup game between Bayern Munich and Sevilla. It was the first attempt by UEFA to let fans into a stadium since the Covid-19 outbreak.

European leagues are generally petitioning for the gradual re-opening of stadiums to fans, despite recent spikes in Covid-19 cases.

The Premier League underlined last week what a massive setback it would be if the UK government postponed the re-opening of stadiums further, estimating the loss at £100 million per month.

To determine which European clubs are suffering the most from the absence of spectators at matches, we ranked them according to highest average attendance relative to total stadium capacity for the 2018/19 season.

Mads Meisner and Joseph Mailil, analyst

It comes as no surprise that 18 of the 20 clubs with the highest utilisation rates come from either the Bundesliga or the Premier League, with PSV Eindhoven and Rangers being the only exceptions.

Looking at the top five leagues, the Premier League had the highest average stadium utilisation at 94 per cent, exceeding the Bundesliga's 91 per cent. The next league, however, comes in a full 20 per cent below that.