Tonsser United – the digital football club aiming to have the most player members in the world

16 June 2021

Photo: PR Players from Tonsser are celebrating after they defeated a youth team from Fulham F.C.

Most clubs used to be very reluctant to team up with Tonsser. Clubs felt they had everything in place to capture the best talents, but that attitude has changed. Covid-19 played a role in that shift.

Tonsser are born digital so they know how to get the attention of Generation Z. They also believe they can play a big role in combatting the worrying trend of fewer and fewer kids playing football.

CEO Peter Holm is aiming for Tonsser United to have more members than any other football club globally. So far almost 1.3 million players worldwide have signed up.

Tonsser believe they now have a proof of concept that they can create the connection between the undiscovered footballer and professional clubs in their search for raw talent.

Tonsser are owned by a number of venture capital funds, their founders and players such as Juventus and Italian top-defender Claudio Chiellini.

Kasper Kronenberg

They managed a draw against PSG and saw narrow defeats to both Juventus and Lyon.

Tonsser United are indeed one of the new kids on the block in the football industry when you compare them to clubs like Liverpool, Barcelona and Bayern Munich - all clubs with a long and very proud tradition in relation to transforming young talents into football superstars.

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