Profile: Aleksander Čeferin and the battle to save European football from itself

7 December 2020

Photo: PA Images Aleksander Čeferin , the UEFA president, congratulates Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer after winning the UEFA Super Cup against FC Seville back in September.

UEFA will present its proposals for post-2024 Champions League in the next two weeks.

Will the UEFA president’s vision satisfy warring parties?

Slovenian lawyer rose from footballing obscurity to lead European football within a decade. He is very close with particular one European club president.

Warning of alternative future of ‘closed Champions League with owners buying franchise places’.

James Corbett

Wednesday 14 September, 2016 in Athens and a brutal chapter has been closed in UEFA’s history.

A year earlier its president Michel Platini, along with FIFA president Sepp Blatter, had been suspended and then banned after receiving what was termed a ‘disloyal payment’. Once heir apparent for the FIFA presidency, Platini’s general secretary, Gianni Infantino, won the February 2016 election in his disgraced boss’s absence.

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