Analysis: Low and medium-turnover clubs take massive profitability hit

17 September 2021

Photo: Alamy Getafe had the highest positive EBITDA in 2019/20 of all clubs with a turnover below €100 million.

Analyses and rankings often focus on the biggest clubs, as these naturally have the highest income and expenditure.

However, this analysis excludes the typical clubs and instead focuses on those one financial level below - specifically the clubs who reported turnover of less than €100 million in 2019/20.

140 clubs have been scrutinised, looking at which low and medium-turnover clubs are the most and least profitable.

Emil Hauge, analyst

Generally, the 140 clubs with turnover below €100 million experienced a substantial drop in EBITDA from the 2018/19 season to the 2019/20 season, and the total negative EBITDA for the clubs more than doubled from about €546 million to almost €1.15 billion.

Looking at EBIT, which includes non-cash expenses, exceptional items, and profit on player transfers, a similar development is seen, as the combined figure fell to almost €553 million. 

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