“He's a salesman, he's a convivial bloke, a fun, lively, optimistic guy…not a realist.” – author of new Barca book sceptical of Laporta’s “clean-up” skills

18 August 2021

Joan Laporta
Photo: Alamy President at F.C. Barcelona, Joan Laporta.

New book by groundbreaking author and journalist draws upon fly on the wall access to chronicle the build up to Barcelona’s crisis.

Author explains about a working-culture at F.C. Barcelona very far away from the professionalism you see at high-performing companies.

Complacency, catastrophic recruitment, and Messi’s half-billion wage packet attributable for Barca’s collapse.

“I don't think anyone in the club would speak of Barcelona as a business,” he says.

James Corbett, Senior Correspondent corbett@offthepitch.com

On the morning of 5 August, the first extracts of the journalist and author Simon Kuper’s new book, Barca: The Inside Story of the World’s Greatest Football Club, were published.

For two years Kuper, a columnist and features writer for the Financial Times, had followed Barcelona from the inside, institutional James Boswell, part fly on the wall, and handed a level of access that would make anybody who works in the football industry envious.

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