Match of the Week Champions League: Financial head-to-head Inter Milan v Real Madrid

14 September 2021

Inter v Real Madrid
Photo: Alamy

Having run off fumes for most of the 2020/21 season – in which a liquidity crisis saw them unable to even pay wages – Inter won their first Scudetto in a decade in May.

The club have since cut their cloth accordingly: manager Antonio Conte, Romelu Lukaku and Achraf Hakimi have generated transfer fees and salary savings of around €200 million.

Inter generated €97 million losses for 2019/20, a sum that will almost certainly be exceeded for the Scudetto season. Real Madrid broke even for the first Covid affected season.

Inter’s matchday revenue lies far behind the Spanish giants, with average revenue just 46 per cent of Real’s €82 million.

The match brings Real manager Carlo Ancelotti back to the San Siro: he won Serie A titles and European Cups with deadly rivals AC Milan as both player and manager.

Mads Meisner and James Corbett