Why are major sponsors working with lower league clubs? - "For us, this partnership is less about advertising smoothies, and more about inspiring change within business and football"

28 October 2020

21st Club

Column: "A rational owner would be encouraged to leave their Champions League fate to the gods, and focus on securing domestic dominance"

22 October 2020


Interview with CEO at OneFootball: Aiming to become the Spotify of live football - though he doesn’t say it directly

16 October 2020


Exclusive interview: A US billionaire's €250 million stadium project intended to propel Fiorentina towards the European elite

9 October 2020

Manchester United

After release of Manchester United's financial report: How did the club fare compared to other European giants?

22 October 2020

Real Sociedad

Match of the Week Europa League: Financial head-to-head Real Sociedad v Napoli

28 October 2020


Wednesday's Most Important Stories: Premier League kept Project Big Picture from others than big six; Inter Milan board approves €100 million loss; Rival bid of £200 million presented to Burnley; Rick Parry accuses government of victimising EFL clubs

28 October 2020


Monday's Most Important Stories: AS Roma confirm massive drop in turnover and €204 million loss; Media: DFL chief to step down in 2022; Serie A to go back behind closed doors

26 October 2020