Club Comparison Tool: Basis of Preparation

How we did it and sources of information.
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Financial Statements

Data is from the publicly available annual accounts acquired from relevant public sources as Companies House in England or other public sources as for example a club’s official website.

In respect of each club in the United Kingdom, all financial figures have been taken from their annual accounts since 2007/08 with a few exceptions. For European clubs, financial statements since 2015/16 have been gathered when possible. For most clubs in this tool the financial year is aligned with the football season. See our notes about clubs and companies here.

We have done every effort to make comparison between clubs possible. We are for example aware that some international clubs are including player transfer activities within their revenue figures. When possible, we have excluded player trading from the total revenue. 

For information about the different data parameters read here.

Note on liabilities: We changed method in 2018 onwards in terms of current and long-term liabilities. From 2016/2017 and backwards most current liability figures is including deferrals and accruals. Long-term liabilities before 2017/18 is including deferrals, accruals and provisions.

Agent Fees

Information about the total amount a club have paid to an intermediary has been made publicly available by the FA, German Football League (DFL) and Ligue de Football Professionel (LFP). 


UEFA Prize Money

Data about the prize money distributed by UEFA in the Champions League and Europa League has been taken from UEFA since the 2010/11 competition.


Premier League Payments

The total payments for paying in the English Premier League. Data since 2009/10 season.


Premier League Sponsors

Value of both main shirt and shirt-sleeve sponsors is an estimate based on club-and industry sources. Source of data from 2010 to 2018 is



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