18 September 2023 - 12:34 PM


European Club Association CEO Charlie Marshall

"You've got to start with self-help. Can the leagues actually try to do a bit more of what the Premier League has done?"

  • Following a new financial solidarity deal that benefits clubs that don’t play in UEFA Club Competition, leading clubs have called on domestic leagues to take more responsibility and generate extra revenues to help bridge disparities.
  • European Club Association CEO Charlie Marshall says that this is “an across stakeholder discussion” and says that leagues can innovate around competition size, format and broadcast formats.
  • Why it matters: Creating financial mechanisms that better share football’s revenues in order to maintain competitive balance is one of the game’s most fundamental – and contentious – issues.
  • The perspective: Marshall says football will soon reach “a tipping point” where leagues start to distribute channels or broadcast products straight to customers.

There was a moment, perhaps slightly imperceptible, at the European Club Association’s (ECA) twice-annual General Assembly earlier this month, where there seemed to be a shift in the never-ending debate about how European football's billions should be shared.

At the Berlin event, a new solidarity package was announced, which will see non-competing clubs receive 7 percent of UEFA Club Competition (UCC) revenues, up from around 4 percent.

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