8 April 2021 - 7:23 PM


Alamy | "Of course, regulations have to evolved over time but the next move is a critical one that will shape the European football landscape for years to come. UEFA could choose to tighten the restrictions further or blow it wide open again if FFP is scrapped completely and not replaced."

Time for a financial reset - What next for UEFA, FFP and the power battle of governance versus self-regulation in European football?

  • Due to a number of reasons – the Covid-19 pandemic being one of them – the current FFP-regulations are looking increasingly outdated being too focused on the past, measuring historic performance.
  • Everyone in the industry need to accept that all regulatory systems need to undergo change, reflecting on history and providing solutions for the economic climate, key with what might come next, the authors argue.
  • A way forward could be via cost reduction targets - incentivised with broadcasting rights redistribution - to improve financial stability and promote some competition at all levels.
  • Indications that we are about to see a shift in power towards the so called big European clubs.
  • UEFA could find itself in a position where its original aim for transparent financial administration and catharsis among clubs is self-defeated.

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