Brentford vs Chelsea - Gtech Community Stadium - Saturday 2nd March 2024. Double Rainbow over the Gtech Stadium as rain clouds pass

31 March 2024 - 10:41 AM


IMAGO | Double Rainbow over Brentford's Gtech Stadium as rain clouds pass - the West London club being famous for its long-term mindset.

"Sorry, no strategy interviews for the time being, we just lost 3 matches in a row” - I still don’t get it

  • Finding the right balance between short- and long-term strategies is crucial in football leadership. However, many leaders get caught up in daily tasks, losing sight of long-term goals.
  • Even major football clubs often lack sufficient staff, leaving executives to handle daily operations instead of focusing on future growth. This reflects the organization's corporate culture.
  • Why it matters: Operational excellence is invaluable in football, especially for clubs hosting frequent events. Yet, many organizations prioritize maintenance over development.
  • The perspective: In one club, discussing football in the office is discouraged for 48 hours after a match to emphasize the importance of staying focused on long-term objectives and not being swayed by temporary setbacks.

How does a football club CEO strike the right balance between short- and long-term strategies?

In a recent interview, Liam Scully, Chief Executive of Lincoln City Football Club, shed light on this challenge. While emphasizing the importance of long-term projects, Scully acknowledged the need to focus on day-to-day operations, especially for smaller clubs like Lincoln City.

He s

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