Scientist wants clubs to adopt crucial new studies: "The psychological dimensions of talents are much more reliable than physical and technical abilities"

17 September 2020

Photo: PA Images “We are not saying that our tool can replace everything clubs are doing today. Not at all. This tool cannot stand alone. But we utterly believe that clubs need to dig much deeper into this area and understand that the mental performance of players can be improved vastly. And that the psychological profile shown in tests when players are young tends to tell a future story about these talents," says Dr. David Morgan.

Dr. Morgan David has founded Predicta Football, because he wants clubs to understand how much money they can save or win in their academies if they use academic studies about behavioural science.

He claims the psychological and cognitive dimension is the most important factor when trying to spot the next top-player - and says studies from all over the world support this thesis.

The former scientist has developed a tool he believes is well suited for clubs trying to find the next top-players for their academies.

But clubs would have to look critically at their current “bias-driven” methodology.

Obviously physical and technical abilities are important – but science proves that you should not focus too much on that when dealing with teenagers. 

Kasper Kronenberg

It’s not exactly shattering news that what separates the great footballers, the professionals, from the Sunday League-players is mental strength.

In football, and in basically all sport, it is common knowledge that on various Sunday League-teams around the world you can find players with technique and physical abilities of a very high level, but the mental aspect of their game is not ready for a professional career.

Dr. Morgan David is well aware of this but still believes he has something to offer to the world of football.

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