Off The Pitch launch new platform: Our Club Comparison Tool has financial data from more than 200 clubs

16 April 2020

Club Comparison Tool

Allow us to introduce our state-of-the-art business intelligence tool - giving you the most comprehensive data on football finance from 176 European clubs.

With 78 metrics and many more to come, now you can analyse and compare financial data - and much more - dating back to 2008. 

Updated every 24 hours and including unlimited access to over 40,000 club-specific datapoints, you can download customised reports at the click of a button - allowing you to make confident, informed decisions.

Mads Meisner and Kasper Kronenberg

The coronavirus pandemic continues to put clubs all over Europe under unprecedented financial pressure and, what's more, nobody knows how the football industry will look once it emerges on the other side.

Thus, it has never been more important to have detailed and reliable insights into the finances and commercial dynamics of a football club. 

As an independent business-to-business media, we at Off The Pitch write about economy, strategy, ownership and leadership in European football - in good times and bad - but we also help executives make the best possible decisions, no matter what financial environment they navigate in. 

And with that in mind, we developed our Club Comparison Tool - providing access to comprehensive intelligence on all clubs in the Premier League, Championship, LaLiga, Serie A, the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 + several others from Holland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

It allows all stakeholders in the football industry, whether club owners, governing bodies, financial institutions, advisors, sponsors, agents, media professionals or club executives, to search, analyse, compare and benchmark financial data from more than 200 clubs. 

The tool is extremely user-friendly and accessible on both PC and mobile. And with just one click, you can download a report or export data in Excel format.

Even before the official launch, Off The Pitch's Club Comparison Tool has attracted interest from clubs, leagues, financial institutions and investors, so be sure you don't miss out on this revolutionary synthesis of financial data and technology. 


How did we do it? Read our basis of preparation here.  You can see all clubs covered by the tool here. Click here to view the different metrics.


Interested in a video demonstration? We promise it takes less than five minutes.