13 May 2024 - 2:33 PM


IMAGO | Wolverhampton Wanderers players waiting for instructions as a Chelsea FC player is just about to take a free kick against them on 24th December 2023

Navigating turbulent waters: Premier League clubs' preparedness under scrutiny

  • Amidst a transition period to comply with the new UEFA Squad Cost Control Rule, there's also consideration of new regulations on home soil for Premier League clubs.
  • In this analysis, Christopher Winn from UCFB guides us through the various regulations to assess how many teams are genuinely prepared to meet the new requirements.
  • Why it matters: This season has underscored to everyone in the game the importance of clubs adhering to the rules, with both Everton and Nottingham Forest facing penalties during the season.
  • The perspective: Based on the 2022/23 accounts, very few clubs appear to have business models ready for the forthcoming changes.

Never before have financial regulations gained so much airtime in the world of English football. The last year has brought the concepts of profitability, amortisation and allowable expenditure into day-to-day fan vernacular, with fans now debating the sale of academy talent not from a tactical viewpoint, but their ability to generate ‘pure profits’ and as such alleviate the risk of points deductions. As a football finance expert, a world I certainly never saw coming.

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