Financial Forecast: Manchester United's revenue blasts through £600 million landmark

10 September 2019

Manchester United
Photo: Getty Images Even though Manchester United disappointed on the pitch executive vice chairman Ed Woodward and co-chairman Avram Glazer can be satisfied that the clubs finances aren't expected to take the same hit.

Even though Manchester United disappointed on the pitch in the Premier League last year, their finances aren't expected to take the same hit.

The Champions League run to the quarter finals will lift Man Utd's revenue significantly.

Despite improving their total revenue by six per cent, their profit is not expected to be growing as much.

Here are Manchester United's 2018/19 finances predicted.

Magnus Albertsen, analyst

When it comes to generating record revenues, Manchester United have been in world football's top four for the last 20 years. In 2017/18 the Red Devils' revenue increased slightly compared to the two previous seasons. However, both Real Madrid and Barcelona surpassed United in total revenue in Deloitte's Money League, and by quite a margin. 

As a listed company on the New York Stock Exchange, Manchester United have already published accounts for three quarters with the latest quarter ending 31st March 2019, which provided the information that our estimates are based on.  

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